J-P Stanway

Hello, I’m a versatile creative living in the UK, focusing mainly on editorial and graphic design across print and digital. I have extensive experience working with start-ups and international organisations.

I have a collaborative process and believe in simple, dynamic design. Need a breath of fresh air and a view from above for your project? Please don’t hesitate to email me at hello@jupper.co.uk.

Who I've worked with

  1. World Economic Forum
  2. Semi-famous
  3. Engine mhp mischief
  4. Collinson
  5. Harfield Media
  6. Senate Publishing
  1. WHO Foundation
  2. Board International
  3. Neurofenix
  4. GTR Design
  5. EQO
  6. Comms 8
  1. The Mindfulness Initiative
  2. The International Institute for Strategic Studies
  3. Brandband Commission
  4. Vine Resources
  5. Raconteur

Find out more about me on my LinkedIn profile.